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  YOUR BIKE should be as unique AS YOUR DNA...  
    ...not just another model off the production line.

Introducing Cleveland Motorcycle Manufacturing Company
...designing the difference between you and the crowd!


At Cleveland MMC, we offer you, the discriminating customer, personalized attention and professional direction to achieve your unique custom motorcycle. You will be noticed in a crowd of thousands in such places as Daytona Beach and Sturgis -- a dream vehicle that will set you apart from the rest. You will step out to find a crowd surrounding your custom bike, gazing in admiration and dreaming for one of their own!

Sound far fetched? Not so!

Let's start with a few facts. Huey Schwebs, owner of Cleveland MMC, having 40 years in racing, innovating and building custom motorcycles, has been recognized as one of a handful of MASTER BUILDERS by the motorcycle industry. Huey was also named one of the top motorcycle artist of the 20th century by VQ magazine. He has had bikes in all major motorcycle magazines including HOTROD Bikes, HotBike, SuperCycle, Easyrider, V-Twin and on and on and on. This being said, we have something to offer, that most of the others cannot -- EXPERIENCE.

So make your move to Cleveland MMC. Let Huey guide you through the personal design and building process of your one and only unique custom creation. A one of a kind design, for a one of a kind experience.

Whether you are an individual looking to be different than the crowd, or a manufacturing company looking for a custom bike to promote your products, we at Cleveland MMC are interested in being of assistance to you. Together, you and our research team can intensify your motorcycle experience and assure you a state of the art custom motorcycle assembled by the best. Don't settle for less!

All Cleveland's are manufactured in-house to assure quality assembly. We also provide an extensive selection of top quality parts made by the industry's best.

Our in-house machine shop can also provide custom designed one-off parts from frames to performance engine building. We maintain the highest level of quality by providing the best products, services and technical advice available. Our honest and courteous staff ensure that you will become one of our many loyal customers.

PHONE: (216) 961-5151


4327 Lorain Avenue • Cleveland, OH 44113 • Phone (216) 961-5151 • Fax (216) 961-5131 •